Jordi Up Late – “To Be Your Friend” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m excited to share with everyone the new single and music video from electronic indie-pop artist Jordi Up Late, called “To Be Your Friend.” While Jordi continues to steadily release new singles, her plan is to eventually string some more recordings together for an EP or potentially a debut full-length LP. On this great sounding new single, Jordi Up Late shared:

”TBYF” is about experiencing the dichotomy of resentment and gratitude after falling for the ‘idea’ of someone and facing that your disappointment lies in your own expectations of a person who was incapable of loving you before meeting you. In the end I gave the benefit of the doubt by extending friendship only to feel my hand slapped away and taken for granted. Though I am resentful in the dark melodies of the synth, and at times in the lyrics, I remind myself of my own power in singing directly and unapologetically to this person. I speak plainly that loving one another was impossible considering his lack of confidence and that loving him was only worth it for the lessons learned.”

With a plethora of hooks and impressive songwriting chops, Jordi Up Late has crafted a single worthy of your next perfect playlist. I was also able to catch up with this artist for a brief interview.

The story explored in “To Be Your Friend” is quite vulnerable, an admittance of being in a toxic situation that didn’t necessarily end on a good foot. Does writing about these harder relationships bring about catharsis, or is it slightly intimidating to bare all via your music? 

Writing about harder relationships definitely brings a deep catharsis. Sometimes I don’t process a relationship or a painful situation fully until I have written about it because words and emotions flow out without judgement. Ultimately I know the honesty will be good for me and will be good for the song.  It’s not intimidating to write the music, I’m generally an open book but I won’t lie I cry when I’m writing sometimes or when I listen back to a mix. 

Sonically, where did you draw inspiration from when writing “To Be Your Friend?”

Sonically, “To Be Your Friend” became about exploring how a ballad could feel dark, electronic, synthetic, poppy but deeply real and relatable.  I always draw inspiration from artists who are doing ballads in a non-obvious and edgy way. Those artists include people like James Blake, The XX, Rosalia, and Grimes. The goal for me on this track and for much of my upcoming EP was to produce haunting and edgy melodies in the context of modern electronic music, which is totally cross genre. 

Where did the idea for the song’s visual come from? And how did the process of bringing it to life turn out?

The Idea came from a personal experience. I never really ideate a song. They just happen. I was feeling really sad and frustrated about a certain relationship but at the same time feeling a lot of empathy for a person who was struggling in their own right. He is also an artist and I know more than anyone how dark we artists can feel. Art and music is often the light. For the visual representation of “To Be Your Friend,” I wanted to create a surreal space representative of the dark but beautiful places we artists go to in our minds. Where we cry, project, find pain, find power, and peace in creation.