Katrina Ford – “I’m Found” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m thrilled to share the latest music video from Katrina Ford, a great singer and songwriter who will be releasing her debut solo and self-titled EP this Friday via Violin Films. For those unfamiliar with the artist, Ford channels the creativity of Fiona Apple paired with the earnest hooks of Purity Ring into a package that feels refreshing and unique at the same time. On this single called “I’m Found,” she shared, “”Home in my heart at last! This song was written as one thought over the course of a few hours, later the details fell into place. It’s about finally feeling safe in your heart. Feeling a connection to Creator. After much adversity and a long hard few years, we finally felt like we had found level.” I was also able to catch up with Katrina Ford for a quick chat about her music.

What made you choose “I’m Found” as the final single off your forthcoming project?

I’m a romantic sentimentalist. Husband /Producer Sean and I have been making music together since we were kids.  We’d always been in bands and working in collaboration with others. When we decided to do this EP, this was the song that encapsulated all the feels of coming home, after many musical adventures and relationship growing pains, it just felt good and unifying. Like an exhale. 

Can you describe the significance of this track in the context of your debut EP?

As a musician, I want to be of service to others, meaning I want to connect to the heart of people through sound.  This song is like my heart on a platter. The whole EP is really personal as opposed to when I was in bands. Then I felt like I was the vocal representative of a collective. Sure the songs could be personal but It was a different energy and expression. Now this project is my name and not a band, it is quite an exposed feeling. What if it is hated? Or worse, what if it is ignored?  Like a lot of artists, I have a hard time with self esteem, feeling good about myself or what I do. This isn’t the best place (the music industry) for people like us but I’m compelled either through faith or ignorance to continue. “I’m Found” was written when I was feeling good and through its vulnerability, I hope that it gives something to people that hear it, a hopeful homecoming warmth, that only comes after being lost for so long.

You describe this track as having been written over the course of a few hours — what inspired that period of writing and how did you conceptualize the track from that one thought to the end product?

All of our songs initially write themselves, as a train of thought, “flowy” feeling and channeled kind of thing. Later we fuss over the details and put focus on them. This song however came out as a complete thought. We were in our studio, just messing around with sound, and Sean started playing the synth, and I just picked up the mic and sang “I close my eyes, you sent me colors, I cannot describe oh..” I’m referring to a kind of silly and cute game we play. The game is a sort of psychic synesthesia for lack of a better word. He or I will say I’m seeing/feeling (with eyes closed) for example, dusty hot blue with red undertone. And he’ll psychically send it to me and I’ll “see” another detail to send to him. LOL! We’re such nerds. We get off on exploring imagination together. Yeah, so the rest of the lyrics just fell out one by one and the chords in the chorus came a tumbling in. We plugged in and started tracking it right away. The actual demo recording became the finished song after polishing it and later adding backing vocals and guitars.

With regard to your forthcoming EP, what about it are you most excited to share with listeners?

I’m most excited to share a complete vision, with the art and the music. It’s fun to create your own universe, even if it is scary to let people in.