Slow Fiction – “Monday” (Song Premiere)

Slow Fiction

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single/visualizer video from Brooklyn rock band, Slow Fiction, called “Monday.” On this electric new single, Slow Fiction showcase why they’re a rising band in the alt-rock scene. The band shared about the new single, “The moment just before the storm hits. Built up, frenetic energy that exists in your mind, with the knowledge that it can surely come spilling out at any point. Pretending to have internal peace gets exhausting after a while.” If you’re enjoying the latest track, you can pre-order their new EP, Crush, here. I was also able to catch up with this band for a brief interview below.

Describe “Monday” as it pertains to the new EP, and what is the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind “Monday” is everyday life, at times the monotonous cycle pushing up against your brain until the pressure feels inescapable. I think the forthcoming EP in general has a lot of overarching themes of self-identity and coming clean about feelings, and “Monday” definitely fits into the group of songs in that way. 

How has your writing style evolved over the past 5 years and what do you want new listeners to take away from your new EP?

Since 2021, we developed a really effective way to write together. There’s something really special about five people being in a room together and creating a piece of music from the ground up. The upcoming EP is a true snapshot of our band and where are in our journey right now. Hopefully each listener will hear it a little bit differently, or find something unique to relate to. 

NYC seems to have popped back up with a strong surge of indie rock bands, and you seem to be leading the charge with your live shows and new sound, What do you think is attributing this new phenomenon?

People are wanting to hear melodies and guitar music again. We were lucky enough to be living and playing in New York while this began to happen. It’s important not to sacrifice the type of music you want to create in order to satisfy a trend at one particular point in time, because it can always change. At the end of the day, we feel it’s important that we like what we’re making, and that will amplify our performance and recordings.