Space Fight – “Is It All” (Song Premiere)

Space Fight

Today I’m excited to bring everyone the latest single from indie-pop synth band, Space Fight, called “Is It All.” On this vibey lead single from their upcoming EP, Hyperspeed, the band channels their love for big hooks and dazzling vocals in a crowd-pleasing package. Band member Miles said, Allem Iversom’s lo-fi remix of ‘Is It All’ embellishes the 80s synthy goodness of the original, seeming to transport us through time to the synth-soaked sounds of yesteryear. The track was produced by Allem Iversom and Space Fight, mixed by Iversom, and closes out our Hyperspeed EP with a sense of longing, a nod to the past, and a tinge of uncertainty towards the future. If you’re enjoying the latest track, please consider visiting their Bandcamp page here. I was also able to catch up with this talented band for a brief interview below.

How did you and Allem Iversom meet, and what did the beginnings of this collaboration look like?

I can’t get into how we met. Allem Iversom is a pseudonym for a producer I knew, but for contractual reasons, I can’t reveal his true identity or how I know him. He’s basically the Batman of lo-fi music. But as far as the collaboration goes, it was really unique. Usually, when I’ve worked with remixers, or remixed songs myself, you trade the stems, and get back a new take on the song. But with this, there was quite a bit more back and forth, he really wanted my input as he went along with the production. Most of the final song is similar to his first draft, but a few of my little ideas made it into the remix. I thought that was pretty cool, he really saw it as a collaboration.

You have an upcoming show in NYC on March 30th, what does a live show from Space Fight look like?

We’re playing as a trio again. Our show in 2022, I didn’t play bass and just focused on singing, but I’ve been gearing up to do double duty on bass and vox again now, which is much more challenging but also more fun. This will be our second show of 2024, the first one was a bit of a warm-up, kick-the-dust-off-the-tires kinda show. But this one is the real deal. New York City on a Saturday night. Pianos, one of my favorite venues I’ve ever played, and seen some incredible music. We’re playing with Emerson Hill, and making his NYC debut, Sama the God. These are 2 amazing artists I really dig, and we’re lucky to share the night with them. I’m hoping there will be a bit of electricity in the air. We have a few surprises planned, and basically we’re gonna hit the stage like it’s our last performance, because honestly I have no idea what happens after this. That alone makes it pretty exciting to me.