Strawberry Fuzz – “Dropout” (Song Premiere)

Strawberry Fuzz

Today is a great day to share the latest single from indie punk rock band Strawberry Fuzz, called “Dropout.” The single comes from the band’s new LP, Strongs Dr., that releases everywhere music is sold on January 18th via CandyShop Recordings. The band is great for fans of similar artists like The Germs, White Reaper, and Black Lips, but they really have a unique style that is truly one of a kind. When speaking on the new album, vocalist Colby Rodgers shared, “The album is a blend of all the people I grew up with in LA. Stoners, pill heads, downers, uppers, straight kids — it’s pretty much all in there.” If you’re ready to discover your next favorite band, you’ve come to the right place. I was also able to catch up with Strawberry Fuzz for a brief interview below.

When you all approached writing this record, where did the process begin? And how did you determine the specific experiences you wanted to channel with regard to the record’s overall story?

We wanted to get a better representation of how we come across live. Our previous records were basically all demos. So it was a shot for us to have our Dorothy-coming-into-color moment.

Of the holistic record, what made you choose “Dropout” as the record’s focus track? Sonically and thematically, how does it relate to your past releases leading up to the LP?

”Dropout” is the first song of our set. We’re so familiar with it and so is our audience. So it felt right leading with that one.

These songs seem to be written for the stage due to their high-energy nature. Are there any tracks you feel particularly excited about sharing with live audiences?

We’re really excited to get “Corner Store” out into the world. We wrote that one in the rehearsal space for the most part so it feels really natural playing live. We also recorded it the same night as “Wasting My Time” in our friends Stolen Novas garage.