Tacos! – “Kick Rocks” (Song Premiere)


Today is a great day to share the new single from Seattle-based metal/punk trio, Tacos!, called “Kick Rocks.” Band members Lupe Flores, Donovan Stewart, and Hozoji Matheson-Margullis catch lightning in a bottle on this politically-charged song that transcends genre lines. Donovan Stewart shared:

This is by far one of the hardest hitting songs, out of the gate on this record. One of the first songs we co-wrote with the addition of Hozoji in Lupe’s cave of a basement in Ballard. Expressively charged by all the things happening at the time but none more hard to swallow than the prevailing racial injustice happening around the nation. Often shielded and in a false sense of security, our area in the Northwest wasn’t without its own problems. Coupling this with the insane unknowing day to day activities that the pandemic presented us, it was easy to let loose a barrage of lyrics and hammering riffs. Jam your whole fist down your venom spitting throat so you can vomit up all those demons you’ve been forced to swallow.

The single comes from the band’s forthcoming LP, 3, that will be released on August 4th via Nadine Records.