Trash Fiasco – “One Bird” (Song Premiere)

Trash Fiasco

Today is a great day to share the new single from Chicago-based garage punk band, Trash Fiasco, called “One Bird.” Displaying the group’s elastic vocals and rhythmic drive, “One Bird” is straightforward without being mundane, and embodies every bit of reckless, gritty energy that their name suggests, as the band blasts their way through the song’s 70-second run time. With a sound similar to energetic punk bands like The Cramps and Wine Lips, Trash Fiasco have truly arrived. I was also able to catch up with the band for a brief interview below.

”One Bird” only has a run time of about 70 seconds — what made you decide to cut the track there instead of extending it out?

At our center, Trash Fiasco is a punk band. Short and fierce tracks have been the mark of the genre for decades, and we feel it’s important to keep with that tradition when possible. We also try to be very deliberate about what each individual track needs when in the writing process, and “One Bird” really felt perfect as a quick and loud ripper.

What made you choose this track as the debut single from the upcoming record?

As a precursor to the new album, we wanted people to start off by hearing the core of our sound. “One Bird” is a premier example of all the things listeners can expect from us. By starting there, you can better identify the offshoots we explore in the remaining tracks from the album. As weird as it sounds, first impressions matter and we wanted ours to be impactful and to-the-point. 

How would you describe Trash Fiasco to the uninitiated?

We are a punk fueled garage rock trio littered with loud tendencies. Our music intends on making the fury feel palpable, both through the power and noise of our sound, and the narrative nature of our lyrics. We are comfortable keeping it simple when needed, but we’re not scared to venture into the complex. We write and play our songs with 100% of who we are. And sometimes that’s weird, angry, dissonant, and chaotic – but always loud.