Under The Rug – “Lonesome and Mad” ft. Ariel Posen (Video Premiere)

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the new music video from folk rock/Americana band Under The Rug. The great-sounding new single is called “Lonesome & Mad” and features a guest contribution from Ariel Posen. For those new to the band, they are comprised of guitarist Sean Campbell, vocalist/guitarist Casey Dayan, and drummer Brendan McQueeney. Dayan shared this about the new track:

”Lonesome & Mad” was the first song we wrote for this record, and, unlike the other songs—which we mostly wrote on the road—this one came together in our dilapidated little mobile at a time when we were feeling alienated from the rest of the world. Between everything that was happening politically in this country, to the kinds of effects-heavy movies and television that had become so popular, to the way people seemed to treat each other in a crowded grocery-store aisle, we felt out-of-touch and unmoored. Nothing was wrong, but something was really wrong. That’s why we wanted the video to feel very home-made, and it’s also why we show our little mobile home at the end. Of course, getting to have Ariel on the track brought the whole thing home in this pop-irreverent, rootsy, Americana way. It all just came together so neatly.

The song comes from Under The Rug’s forthcoming LP, Homesick For Another World, that will be released everywhere music is sold on February 17, 2023. If you’re enjoying the direction the band took here, you can pre-order the vinyl here.