Out of Service

The last time I sat down to write about one of my favorite and newest emo bands called Out of Service, I fell head over heels with being enamored by their debut Burden. Fast forward to 2021, and I am given a massive clue of new music on the horizon when I tagged the band in a post about new and exciting emo bands that pack plenty of musicianship, and none of that nasty controversy. Once I had this single for “Shelter” fall into my lap, I must’ve played the track at least three of four times to appreciate its slow-building beauty and great song structure. Now that the single has been released into the world as of yesterday, I can only imagine how everyone will be receiving the news of this band’s triumphant return. Out of Service are back, and sound as focused and as poised as they’ve ever been.

”Shelter” much like the material found on Burden, rallies around the emo blueprint of soft-spoken vocals with interesting guitar parts in the background all slow building the crescendo found in the chorus. Lead vocalist Mike Capuano is as captivating as he’s ever been in his delivery and vocal cadence, and he never lets up in his overall performance on this stand alone single. What Out of Service do particularly well on this track is channel the angst and disappointment of the circumstances surrounding this past year and a half, and repackage it into a killer sounding rock song that packs plenty of purpose.

If there are any flaws found on this single, it’s that it ends way too soon, and I for one can’t wait to see how the band’s partnership with Enjoy the Ride records plays out and what the new music sounds like whenever they decide to follow up their great debut. Emo is a genre, that when done properly, is heartbreakingly beautiful as it is filled with dynamic highs and lows and well-crafted soft to loud build-up parts that make the listener reach for the repeat button. Emo may not be for everyone, but I strongly believe everyone should give Out of Service a fighting chance in their listening habits.