Bethany Cosentino Opens Up on TikTok

Best Coast

Bethany Cosentino talked on TikTok about her recent solo release and why she was disappointed in how it was launched, touching on the current music landscape:

Again, I don’t know that it’s necessarily anyone’s fault. And sure, you could be like, “Well, Bethany, you made a bad record.” But no, that’s not the truth. I fucking love my record, and really that’s what matters. But the industry now — it’s just, like, the amount of fucking selling yourself that you have to do, the amount of videos you have to make, the amount of promotion that you have to do. To then just be like, “Cool. My record came out, and it basically went away.” I mean, no, it didn’t go away, right? It exists forever. You can listen to it anytime. I can listen to it anytime. But when we look at it and evaluate it in terms of the commercial success lens, yeah, it kind of already went away.

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino on Explosion of Sexual Assault Allegations in Hollywood

Best Coast

Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast, writing for Billboard:

Thanks to my band, Best Coast, I am a girl with a guitar, but I am also a girl with a voice.

A powerful one that I am not afraid to use.

I am sick and tired of sitting around and seeing my peers shake their heads and say “me too.” And while I know it’s so important to share our stories of assault and harassment so that the rest of the world feels less alone I am utterly heartbroken that we have to keep discussing this. How does this keep happening? When do we finally say “enough is enough” and hold these men accountable for their evil actions? When will a firing or a stint in rehab not be the solution to this problem? When will this problem no longer be a problem?