Green Day to Release New Book

Green Day will be releasing a new book called Last of the American Girls on October 29th via Dey Street Books.

Named after the song “Last of the American Girls” off “21st Century Breakdown,” the book is described as “an inspiring homage and handbook for the rebellious everywoman who refuses to capitulate,” according to a statement from their publisher. No further details are available at this time, but the book is being further billed as a celebration of “true rebel girls,” another song reference to the “American Idiot” track “She’s a Rebel.”

Dave Eggers and Shawn Harris Team Up for New Children’s Book

Author Dave Eggers and The Matches’ Shawn Harris have teamed up for a new children’s book called What Can a Citizen Do? Pre-orders are now up.

A group of children turn a lonely island into a community across the course of several seemingly unrelated but ultimately connected actions. Coming this September, available to preorder now via Chroniclebooks.

A dollar of every book preordered will be donated to @citizenuniversity, a national platform for fostering responsible and empowered citizenship!

Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red Publishes New Book

Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red has released a new book called Mountains:

Mountains is a devotional for men and women who want to hear real stories of faith, struggle, defeat, and wins and are tired of Christian cliches and platitudes. Follow Grammy-nominated musician, Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red, as he guides you through the Mountains he’s faced in life, and came out stronger in his relationship with God.

‘Slay In Your Lane’ is an uplifting book with words that will have a ripple effect across generations of Black Women.

The biggest difference between racial issues in the UK and the US is the attitude the people have towards the topic. In the US, there is a constant call for racial tolerance, racial awareness, and racial acceptance. Emphasized from childhood, people of color are aware of the racial differences. However, in the UK, there is an unspoken rule that race should be ignored. In Britain, racism is more subtle. It’s more insidious. Sometimes, you won’t even know you’re being discriminated against. The way the script usually goes is, “Hello. So nice to meet you.” Fake laugh, fake laugh, and more fake laughter, until you leave the room, and they say, “We are never going to employ that woman.” Many of them have mastered that script.

Meet the two successful black British women, Yomi Adegoke, and Elizabeth Uviebinené who have written Slay In Your Lane, a book with the tricks for black women to make lemonade out of the lemons given to them by racists. Yomi Adegoke is a journalist and senior writer at The Pool. While her best friend, and co-author, Elizabeth Uviebinené is a marketing manager at HSBC. They met at Warwick University years ago, and among the many things they share in common is their goal to protect black people at all cost.