John Feldmann Talks With Alt Press

Alternative Press

John Feldmann talked with Alt Press in a new interview:

Look, without The Used, I don’t think we’d be talking. The Used were definitely the catalyst that started my career as a producer. Goldfinger had a pretty good run, but we never did become Green Day. Ultimately, the Used are the one band that I knew I could help as a songwriter and as someone who can both arrange music and record music, I knew I could help them. So it is awesome to have come around full circle. There were years that went by where I thought, “Why wouldn’t I have done a label when I first discovered the Used?” [all] those years ago instead of signing them to Warner [Records]. Everything happens for a reason: I don’t look back and think, “Goddamn it, what I should’ve done was…” I always look forward. What’s next?

Travis Barker, John Feldmann, and Jason Butler Talk The Fever 333


Forbes (sorry for having to link to this user hostile website) sat down with Travis Barker, John Feldmann, and Jason Butler to talk about The Fever 333 and their upcoming music, label, and much more:

This is the first and only interview that Barker, Feldmann and The Fever 333 have done collectively. With their debut EP being released this Friday, here, in their words, Barker, Feldmann and the trio reveal all.


I stayed close to Jason, then when Jason was working at Shinola in Venice selling watches he came to the house and had a come to Jesus talk with me. “What do I do?” So I kind of filed it away in the back of my mind. Three months later Travis and I signed a couple of pop/punk bands and we started developing stuff together. It came to the forefront, Jason Aalon is the greatest frontman probably still relevant, but he is working at a watch store.

There’s lots of new information about this project and how it came together in here.

John Feldmann Discusses Producing Blink-182

MusicRadar has an interview with John Feldmann about producing Blink-182’s California that contains quite a bit of information I hadn’t heard before:

To me, the essential Blink sounds are the band’s instruments. Travis has a total custom kit that’s been built from scratch using some vintage parts and some modern parts that him and his tech Daniel built from the ground up. Besides being the best drummer that’s ever lived, his passion for the instrument is key to his sound.

“All of Mark’s basses are custom-built Fender’s made to his specifications. Jerry Finn actually suggested re-routing Mark’s pickups to flip them because of the way Mark plays – he has this really interesting downstroke.