Elly Low – “I’m Afraid” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m thrilled to introduce everyone to a new artist named Elly Low, and share her debut music video for “I’m Afraid.” This song is a catchy jazz-pop track that explores the relatable vulnerability and uncertainty of falling in love. The song reminds me a bit of Amy Winehouse’s charisma paired with Lana Del Rey’s songwriting. Her label shared, “Elly sent me a few demos, and I was knocked out. I immediately offered her a development deal. She has a modern sound in an earthy, bluesy, Georgia kind of way. ‘I’m Afraid’ is the first of what’s going to be many songs coming from this uniquely talented singer/songwriter.” If you’re enjoying the debut single from Elly Low, keep an eye out for her debut EP that will be released later this year. I was also able to catch up with Elly for a brief interview below.

Could you tell us more about your collaboration with Jack Douglas and how it influenced the production and direction of “I’m Afraid”?

From the moment I met Jack I started sending him phone memos of my song ideas. He would tell me what he liked and which of those ideas he thought I should develop. Having that type of guidance is invaluable. Since Jack had already given me positive feedback on the more Jazz influenced ideas I had sent him, I decided to go in that direction. At the time I was listening to Gin and Juice by Andra Day on Repeat so as far as music goes that was my frame of mind. I had about 5 song titles about things in my life that I wanted to write about and when I put them down on paper this one seemed like best place to start. After that the idea came together fairly quickly and Jack loved my very first demo of it.

With your upcoming EP on the horizon, what can listeners expect from you and your sound? Are there any surprises or new directions you’re excited to unveil?

We have a lot of tracks that we’ve been recording in LA with Jack. A really nice variety of solid songs I feel good about.  There are some really great musicians playing on the tracks that Jack introduced me to and we were really able to make things gel.  
I guess you could say most of my songs have a jazzy, soulful sound. “Pick Up the Pieces” a song co-wrote with Sara Davis is one of my favorites that we recorded and it actually has a country feel to it in a Sheryl Crow sort of way.  I also have some upcoming songs that I co-wrote with Scott Mulvahill that I am excited about.

There’s a real 60s-mod vibe in the music video for “I’m Afraid”. What about this song drew you to the aesthetics of that time period?

I’ve always been drawn to that time period.  I love the music, the hairstyles, the clothing and the way people interacted with each other.  I would say that most of my music has a similar vibe, it’s honestly just my style.