4 Minutes Later – “Holding on to Nothing” (Video Premiere)

Releasing today is a great new music video from a band called 4 Minutes Later, who are from Ontario, Canada, for a song called “Holding On To Nothing.” This song gives off major Simple Creatures vibes, with a bit of pop-punk twist that the band calls “Alien Pop.” About the new single, the band shared:

To us, this is an end of summer type song. The seasons are changing and so are you. Instrumentally we were heavily inspired by the 80’s pop sounds that have been making¬†a comeback and overall, the song gives off this ‘Late Summer, Sunset Cruise’ vibe. So roll down the¬†windows and sing it!

If you enjoy this song as much as I do, I hope you will consider purchasing it at your favorite streaming service.

Photo Credit: Jake Burgess