Belted Sweater – “Requiem” (Song Premiere)

Belted Sweater

Today is a great day to share the new single from indie synth/punk band Belted Sweater, called “Requiem.” For those unfamiliar with Belted Sweater, it is the indie solo project of Christopher Patrick Gregory, who largely builds his songs on this record around percussion elements. Gregory shared:

The first Killing Joke album is one of my favorite records. The energy of the opening track, “Requiem,” is so infectious, especially for a half time feel, I air drum and shout along every time I hear it. Revisiting the album during the pandemic, I wanted to try and cover it. I had never covered a song solo before, so it was an interesting challenge, but I still get the same feeling playing it as I do listening to it.

If you’re enjoying the early listen of the single, please consider purchasing the EP here.