Ben Hazlewood – “Chemical Roulette” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone the latest single and music video from Aussie pop star, Ben Hazlewood, called “Chemical Roulette.” On this atmospheric track, Hazlewood proves he’s one of the key artists to watch as this year unfolds. Ben shared,

I could argue it was all a highly scientific experiment to create new neurological pathways; to bend and mould my mind into a new way of thinking. Or, call it what it was; a bender of epic degree, one in which I was crushed, then rebuilt, shattered and swept up. I hit the basement floor of pain and the highest heights of happiness. Whatever way I justify this time in my life…Chemical roulette is a game just as dangerous as it’s Russian counterpart but far more fun, and with this celebratory song of survival as memento of the best parts.

I was also able to catch up with this talented artist for an interview below.

How would you describe “Chemical Roulette” conceptually and sonically?

”Chemical Roulette” is about experiencing the world through alternative lenses; allowing yourself to fall into a state of mind where you can challenge your thoughts and emotions in a different arena.

Is there a throughline that exists between this new single and the other new tracks you released this year? If so, what inspired that common theme?

All of my music released this year has the commonality of the experience that I have lived through very recently. They are a reflection of the intense pains and ecstatic highs, after one of the most tumultuous periods of my life.

Can you describe the thought-process behind figuring out how you wanted to portray this single visually? What did that filming process look like?

I wanted the video to be a kaleidoscope visual mood board for the tripped out, pumping concept behind the idea of the song for “Chemical Roulette.” In the hope that it adds to the journey, and melts hand and hand into music.