Oh He Dead – “Lightning Drunk” (Song Premiere)

Oh He Dead

Today is a great day to introduce everyone to Oh He Dead, a DC-based indie soul band who are preparing to release their sophomore LP Pretty on September 15th. Their latest single, “Lightning Drunk” captures the feeling of falling head-first in love without thinking about any of the negative consequences. It has a sound that infuses the neo-soul of Earth, Wind & Fire, paired with the picturesque dreamy vibes of Fleetwood Mac, all with a modern twist of Amy Winehouse-stylized vibes. Band member Andy Valenti shared:

I can’t remember who said it first, but someone uttered the phrase “Lightning Drunk,” and it just fit so well. I loved the idea of falling in love with lightning. Getting addicted to something so intense, bright, exciting, and dangerous. It felt like a great iteration of the “electric love” lyric that is perhaps a bit cliche. CJ really spearheaded the verse vocals on this one, but I remember working on them with her in my basement apartment, just visualizing all of the different ways that getting struck by lightning feels like a dangerously exciting romance.

If you’re ready to fall head over heels in love with your next favorite band, Oh He Dead is here for you.