Bets – “Add It Up” (Video Premiere)

Today is a great day to introduce everyone to indie-pop artist, Bets, and share her new video called “Add It Up.” On this moody Violent Femmes cover, Bets (the moniker of Betsy Hershey) channels her love for lush musical landscapes paired with breathtaking vocals. I was also able to catch up Bets for a brief interview below.

It’s been nearly 5 years since you’ve released a new record. Now, you’ve released the single “Autumn Again,” and this new video for your cover of “Add It Up,” in the last year. What made you interested in returning to the world of music?

Music is my world. I’m always writing and recording. I have given birth to two babies since my album Future Color came out, and made a documentary executive-produced by Trevor Noah (premiered at Telluride Film Festival + now streaming on Peacock). And have been recording my new album which will come out later this year!

How would you describe your relationship to the music of Violent Femmes? What inspired you to do an album of their songs?

To me, the Violent Femmes’ first record will always sum up youth. Recording this album was a fun spontaneous project to express my love for them and their music. I knew the sound of my voice was a stark contrast to the content of their lyrics. And I always felt a true connection to the words and feelings of their original piece of art. When I heard that it was the 40th anniversary of their first record, I wanted to make this video to celebrate the songs and the band all over again.

What made you decide to pair this specific track with the glitchy, rainbow, music video?

I was singing karaoke in Tokyo and had a vision of a video for this song. I had the opportunity to collaborate with a friend, the amazing director/DP Takuya Shima, and it all clicked. Between his inspiring ideas and the light and motion of the city itself, this video is what emerged, and I’m totally in love with it.