Chloe Jane – “No Patience (No Tengo Paciencia)” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m so excited to introduce everyone to Chloe Jane, a pop singer/songwriter who has all the makings of a star. On her latest single and music video for “No Patience (No Tengo Paciencia),” Chloe Jane takes the best of a bad situation in a relationship, and pens a majestic pop single. Chloe shared, “‘No Patience (No Tengo Paciencia)’ is about losing patience with someone in a relationship. I gave someone so much of my time and energy and all I got in return was gaslighting and them lying to me. Eventually, I came to my senses and said ‘I gotta go, I don’t have patience for you this time.'” I was also able to cath up with this talented artist for a brief interview below.

Can you describe your newest single “No Patience” thematically? Did its story come together with reference to anything you’ve experienced personally?

I wrote “No Patience (No Tengo Paciencia)” after being in a relationship with a guy that was playing games with me and not treating me with respect. After a while of him not putting in enough effort to spend time together or even call or text me back, I lost patience for him. I backed off and told him that I’m not interested in not being one of his priorities.

You noted that, musically, this track speaks to your love for Latin music and its impact on your life. That said, how did you go about drawing inspiration from that genre’s roots when creating this new single?

My parents met in Ibiza, Spain and I grew up there when I was younger and still go back every Summer. Spanish culture and Latin music has been a big inspiration to me as an artist and in my music. I grew up listening to artists like Marc Anthony, Shakira, Maná, Jennifer Lopez and they inspired my music taste and songwriting. I also took Latin Ballroom dancing classes since I was 7 in New York and love dancing Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Salsa, Paso doble. So singing and performing Latin music has come very naturally for me and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

The music video for this track was shot in Ibiza, which is quite special — can you describe the process behind-the-scenes, from concept to the final outcome?

The music video was shot last summer in Ibiza, Spain. It was important to me to shoot it there because the island is a big part of my life and story as an artist. My intention for the music video was to show the beauty of the island. When most people think of Ibiza, they think of all the parties and nightclubs, but the natural beauty of the island is amazing, the beaches, scenery, turquoise water. We shot one of the scenes in front of the magical rock, Es Vedrá, which is right off the mainland and you can only see it by hiking a certain dusty path or by boat. Legend has it that Es Vedrá holds all the magic energy on the island and that is why people can go days without sleeping or don’t want to leave. We shot the dinner scene at my god father’s house in Salinas, which is where my parents met over 20 years ago. I love the island so much, and it is such a special place to me, so it only felt right to do the video for my debut Spanglish song there.