Ghost Love – “Mourners Disco” (Album Stream)

Ghost Love

Today I’m excited to share with everyone a listen to the new LP from synth-pop trio, Ghost Love, called Mourners Disco. On this 80’s-inspired LP, Ghost Love channel their adoration for haunting synths, breathtaking vocals, and unique beats for a great listening experience. David Rancourt shared:

As band members we all love the tension between writing simple pop songs, but including more left field and more free form influences as well – which I think is what defines Ghost Love in terms of songwriting.Thematically, it is a dark record about loss and grief but there’s also a sort of ecstatic and escapist mood that combines with that darkness where we also wanted that tension to shine through. My own personal favorite albums tend to straddle those lines in terms of pop and experimentation as well as light and dark emotionally.