Ghost Love – “Mourners Disco” (Song Premiere)

Ghost Love

Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone the latest single from synth-pop band, Ghost Love, called “Mourners Disco.” This 80’s-esque track that strays somewhere between Tears For Fears and CHVRCHES, is sure to be the perfect addition to that playlist you’ve been crafting. The track comes from the upcoming album of the same name, and will haunt you in the most beautiful way. Vocalist David Rancourt shared:

The song deals with the pain of loss and grief after my mother passed away but also the desire to transcend the pain and to keep dancing and celebrating her life through it. She supported me when I came out as queer and showed me to navigate difficult times in my life so really the song is a tribute to her strength and guidance. It also speaks to the desire to sometimes hold on to the pain or grief as it is the only feeling that sometimes reminds us of the person that we have lost.

If you’re ready to embrace the darkness, Ghost Love are here for you.