Her Head’s On Fire – “Lexicon of Doubt” (Video Premiere)

Today is a great day to share the new music video from new rockers, Her Head’s On Fire, for their electric new single called “Lexicon of Doubt.” The band will be releasing their debut record entitled College Rock and Clove Cigarettes to make their unique stamp on the music scene. Lead vocalist Joseph Grillo had this to say about the latest single:

’Lexicon of Doubt,’ like most of my songs, is written directly to myself. They are desperate pleas to become a better person, or to finally shed the last remains of last year’s husk of skin and grow anew, open eyes, and feverishly excited like a child seeing the sunrise for the first time. Life seems to be mostly about adapting and pushing through to the next chapter. To see and overcome obstacles, to be a more improved version of yourself, or if I may be so bold to quote myself from my youth, to ‘learn to struggle.’

If you’re enjoying the new and exciting direction Her Head’s On Fire went with, you can pre-order their debut album here.