Hey Thanks! – “The Part I Call Myself” (Song Premiere)

Hey Thanks

Today I’m excited to bring you the latest single from the New Orleans indie-pop band, Hey Thanks!, called “The Part I Call Myself.” The band worked on their new album, Start/Living, with veteran producer Gary Cioni (Hot Mulligan, Free Throw), and he really helped this artist put their best foot forward. Hey Thanks! shared this about the new single:

’The Part I Call Myself’ was a song about me overcoming a point in my life where I was belittling my personality to fit the mold of the person I was trying to make happy by slowly sinking myself into their personality/lifestyle. It’s special to me because it marks that I’m in a point of my life where I no longer feel the urge to be someone I’m not. We feel really lucky to have worked with producer Gary Cioni on this, and ‘The Part I Call Myself’ was one of the highlights of recording. We are really proud of this record ‘Start/Living’ and excited to have this song finally available. It’s been an incredible experience working with Iodine Recordings getting the album together and being part of a label with so much history.

If you’re enjoying what you hear on this latest taste of new music, please consider pre-ordering Start/Living here.