Hunter Daily – “Skeleton Key” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m excited to bring everyone a look at Hunter Daily and her new single/music video for ”Skeleton Key.” For those unfamiliar with this talented artist, she would fit in well for fans of Maggie Rogers, Lorde, and Mitski. Speaking on her new single and the inspiration behind it, Hunter shared:

’Skeleton Key’Ā is about a relationship that inevitably has to come to an end because you are no longer a match, like a broken lock and skeleton key. No matter how much you love that person and want to make it work, sometimes the damage is irreparableā€¦sometimes the only thing left to do is to walk away. Originally, my sister and I wrote this song about her relationship ending, but later on, the meaning of the song changed for me…it became more about the falling out my sister and I had after we decided to no longer be in a band together, and at the time, it felt like the death of a part of me.

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