J. Graves – “Fortress of Fun” (Album Stream)

J. Graves

Today is a great day to share the brand new album from post-punk trio, J. Graves, a day early called Fortress of Fun. The band would be perfect for fans of artists like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sleater-Kinney, and Interpol. The band is clearly excited for everyone to hear what they cooked up:

Say it: “Fortress of Fun is here.” Fortress of Fun is here – it’s surreal, unreal, and a little hard to believe. Maybe it’s just another dimension of our story, a different choice, and somewhere I’m actually still chanting “Fortress of Fun is coming!” This time last year J. Graves and our amazing, talented family of artists, film makers, musicians, stunt people, and loved ones were at the Oregon coast filming the music videos that would make FOF’s choose your own adventure visuals. It was this time last year we all donned the cursed chain-mail, faced our deepest fears, only to break its nefarious spell with love, acceptance, and a whole lot of help from our friends. And FOF has been just that – support from our loved ones and from the talented folks who played integral parts in bringing this adventure to life. Fortress of Fun IS here, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

If you’re enjoying the early album stream, please consider purchasing the album starting tomorrow.