Jason Moules – “The Art Of Pulling Pork” (Song Premiere)

Today is a great day to share the latest single called “The Art of Pulling Pork” from Jason Moules and his debut solo album. Moules is also a member of the band allusinlove/allusondrugs, although his solo work speaks directly to his core influences from The Mars Volta, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Lenny Kravitz. On the latest track, Moules shared, “This song came about after eating at an Italian burger restaurant on my birthday…the restaurant claimed to have crafted the ‘art of pulled pork.’ Made me laugh. It’s not specific. Funny title, not specific. Most of my songs are about imagery. Close you eyes and think about what ever you want…burgers or something else.” If you’re ready to take a bite of Jason Moules’ latest musical journey, look no further than this latest single. I also caught up with Moules for a quick chat about his music.

What made you choose this track as the first single off your forthcoming debut LP?

I like that it has a lot of contrasting elements within one song — almost lush and sad, musically, but the lyrics are as daft as a brush. Honestly, I chose this first because I love the title.

As you described, your stint of writing new songs began during the height of the COVID quarantine. During that time, did you go into songwriting with any set intentions/ideas in mind? Would you say that that period of time influenced your writing, as well?

Not being on stage for so long left me wondering who I was making music for. Ultimately, I was left to just create sounds that I love. It’s exciting to think what it could all sound like live.

With regard to your forthcoming LP, how would you best describe it, conceptually, sonically, and thematically?

It’s the Rocky Horror Picture Show but Lenny Kravitz and Bjork are fighting to play all the music!! Dark, camp, very fuzzy, and slightly unhinged…If you like heavy sounds and and big harmonies, hopefully you will enjoy my music!