Love Fiend – “Hard Feelings” (Video Premiere)

Love Fiend

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest single and video from rock band, Love Fiend, called “Hard Feelings.” On this 60’s stylized synth rocking jam, Love Fiend quickly establish themselves as an artist to keep a keen eye on as the year unfolds. The band shared, “What began as a conversation surrounding the meaning of the common phrase ‘no hard feelings,’ became a structured academic study into the cosmological origins of emotion. What we discovered was that before the human heart had fully developed, emotion first rested silently in the earth’s crust – petrified, rock-solid, HARD. If you’re enjoying the latest single, please consider supporting this talented band here. I was also able to catch up with the band for a brief interview below.

The “Hard Feelings” music video has a strong ’60s vibe. What about the ’60s aesthetic spoke to you when concocting a music video concept for “Hard Feelings”?

As you pointed out, the B-52’s played a part in influencing the overall aesthetic of the video. When making the album, we found ourselves gravitating towards this idea of the 80s doing the 50s and just eras doing other eras in general – think John Waters’ Hairspray or Silicon Teens’ remakes of rock and roll classics. The video is our tribute to this idea of repetition in style and performance that has been passed down through music and film time and time again.

”Hard Feelings” feels very much like a track fans can dance to. Can we expect more songs like this on your upcoming LP, Handle With Care?

As a band, we’re always looking for that sweet spot of tempo and feel, somewhere between full throttle punk jams and 80s dance/pop. The lyrics and messaging are certainly accounted for, but the physical thrill of music is what motivates us as a group. Handle with Care was definitely written with the intention of being danceable rock music.

”Hard Feelings” has a very B-52’s sound. What songs/artists/art inspired the single? 

Always loved choruses that you could memorize before the end of the song, so we literally spelled out the words, like in “Gloria,” by Them. For the music we wanted to combine the sound of early B-52’s songs like “Give me back my man” and “Private Idaho,” but with a bit of a modern synth-y DEVO twist to it. Billy Idol is an early childhood inspiration who always sneaks into our more dance/pop tracks.