New Junk City – “High Contrast” (Video Premiere)

Today is the perfect day to share Atlanta punk rock band, New Junk City, latest music video called “High Contrast.” In this great-sounding single, the band channel their love of Tom Petty with more of a Green Day styling to it. The band fits well in the scheme of fans of The Menzingers and Kali Masi. Band leader, John Vournakis, shared this about the new single, “It’s pretty on the nose – just about making an effort to remind myself of those moments when the clouds part, the light shines in, and I can see all the good, positive things in my life instead of staying focused on everything that is fucked up, rotten, and ugly. I’m certainly guilty of this, but I think a lot of songwriters use misery, dissatisfaction or self loathing as the defacto starting point. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I frequently feel that way, but it’s where I’ve always written from, and I just wanted to try to write a positive song for once.” By facing their hardest challenges head on, New Junk City have crafted a masterful new single.

Photo Credit: Justin Sperry