Partygirl – ‘Partygirl’ EP (Album Stream)


Today is a great day to showcase the latest EP from indie-rock band, Partygirl. On this self-titled EP, the band are able to tackle the themes of surviving and finding their independence. The band’s founders, Pagona Kytzidis and Colby Lamson-Gordon shared:

The EP is about a reclamation of self, particularly in the context of confusing, disorienting, and/or violent intimate experiences. We were inspired by trying to find clarity in the wake of specific distressing experiences and as people navigating an absurd and terrifying world. This EP seeks to connect listeners with the band as we all search for and find healing. Our sonic influences draw upon the experimental structures, inventive musical textures, and confessional lyrics of Mitski, St Vincent, and Fiona Apple.

The self-titled EP makes its debut on streaming services tomorrow, but we’re here to bring you an exclusive early listen below. Also, the band has an EP release show coming to Brooklyn this Sunday.