POSTDATA – “Mine The Sea” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m excited to bring everyone the latest single and music video from POSTDATA, called “Mine The Sea.” POSTDATA is the solo project of Wintersleep lead singer and songwriter Paul Murphy, and he’s onto something great on his first single from the upcoming LP Run Wild, that releases via Paper Bag Records on September 22nd. Murphy shared, “‘Mine The Sea’ is the idea of digging deeper into yourself to find who you are and where you want to go. It’s about the search…but also about letting go of habitual ways and allowing yourself to being open to possibility.” The video was directed by Griffin O’Toole, and I was also able to catch up with Paul Murphy for some insight on the latest single below.

How would you best describe your forthcoming LP, Run Wild, and how does it compare or relate to past POSTDATA projects? 

It’s the most varied in terms of songwriting and also the deepest I’ve gone in terms of production. Twin Flames felt like a big stepping stone for me production wise with the help and patient guidance of Ali Chant. I feel like that process really helped me conceptualize these songs before production started for Run Wild. This experience with Joe was so special. Also it was really nice to get to go into a more live to tape setting with this record and be in the room for all of the action. I still did a lot of pre-production but for drums and bass and really key sections of songs it was nice to be in a real life setting with all the collaborators in the same room.

What made you choose “Mine The Sea” as the record’s first single? Can you describe its significance to you, and its place within the overarching story the LP tells?

I think it’s a really lively, inviting song that people can connect to on a basic level. I think it touches upon this need to connect and to search deeper within in order to find that. The record explores this as a theme. For someone that hasn’t heard the record the song feels like a great entry point. Also it’s definitely a highlight in terms of the recording. It was one of the first songs that came together and the first track that really felt like encompassed the spirit of the record. 

Regarding the track’s accompanying music video, how did that come about conceptually and production-wise? What ideas did you and director Griffin O’Toole work with?

Griffin is a really great up and coming director here in Nova Scotia. I’ve been a fan of their work for a while and met up with them for a photo shoot. Shortly after the shoot Griffin came up with this concept for this song, which we all felt really excited about. It was a fun experience shooting it. Griffin shot it and edited it, created the effects and put it all together and I just love how the energy of it taps into the song and elevates it.