Silverplanes – “Down The Drain” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m so excited to bring everyone the latest video from space rock trio, Silverplanes, called “Down The Drain.” On this eclectic single from Silverplanes, they channel their love for Alt-Rock hooks in the style of Smashing Pumpkins, paired with the pop sensibilities of Rooney, in a unique way that is sure to leave a mark on the music scene. The band shared:

”Down the Drain” is about life passing by so quickly and one day looking back thinking, how did I get here? What happened to all the things we were going to do? Realizing you have changed but you’re still the same deep inside, and finally coming to terms with all the crazy things that have happened and resolving to carry on. The video captures various stages of myself visiting past and future.

Silverplanes will be releasing their debut LP, Airbus, on April 5th. I was also able to catch up with this band for a brief interview below.

In the past, Silverplanes has stuck with the EP format, what made you feel like this was the right moment for you to  release your debut LP?

We recorded 39 songs in total when we did the EPs too. This record was really ready to come out mid-2020 and you know what happened then so we decided to hold it.  We have another 13 song record getting mixed currently ready for release in August or September and we are tracking now as well. Time to get prolific we aren’t getting any younger…

The color silver is a heavy theme for you, both in the band’s name as well as its appearance. What is it that draws you to the color, and what makes it a core part of the act’s identity?

Silver we are drawn to for its metallic futuristic feel. I used to be called future man for the way I dressed. Very modern avant garde style clothing. I think it came from that. And our love of the skies and travel. We did a jam session for names when we were starting out and silver kept coming into it. Silver the poor man’s gold…lol

The video for “Down The Drain” juxtaposes your past and future, featuring both your father and son alongside some futuristic visuals. Where did the idea for this video come from? 

The idea started with director Jon Danovic coming to me with the idea to make a video of a man and woman trying to be together again after a breakup and one being stuck in the real world one being stuck in the digital world. Like so many of us are today. You can get sucked into the phone or computer for a whole day and come out and be like wow, what happened?
I was going over that idea with him and I said the songs not really about that. The song is about me thinking about my past trying to come to terms with it realizing I probably would’ve done it the same way even if I had another chance to do it, and I came up with the idea how about my father and my son in the video, but really emulating me in the past me in the future and then we had to have Jack Douglas and as a cameo and I think actually he was the best acting possibly of the whole thing but we wanted him to be in it at that point and we decided to do the video on that premise.