SWIMM – “Talk To Me” (Song Premiere)

Today I’m excited to share with everyone the new single and lyric video from SWIMM, called “Talk To Me.” This psych-pop artist does a nice job of re-capturing the spirit of the 80’s, all paired with anthemic moments in the chorus. SWIMM shared:

I made a promo video for this song where I dressed as Jesus–getting a spray tan. I’m still figuring out why I did that, but I felt the inspiration for the song–being my ponderings about the polyamorous nature of nuns marrying Jesus–fit with modern LA dating styles and thus, Jesus would probably get his hair cut high n’ tight, get some flash tattoos, and make sure he had regularly scheduled spray tans. I hear Raya is awfully competitive, so our anointed one wouldn’t be playing games with these nuns–or maybe he would be? Or he would just identify as poly-something-or-other and it would all work out just fab.

The song comes from the band’s upcoming LP, Best Comedown Ever, out everywhere music is sold on August 10th.