Taxes – “Last Call” (Video Premiere)

The latest single from Taxes has arrived, called “Last Call,” and it showcases the breadth of growth from the band’s primary songwriter Robby Cronholm. The band does a great job of capturing the emo spirit on this latest song and it’s filled with great hooks, brilliant instrumentation, and crisp vocals. Cronholm had this to say about “Last Call,”

Sometimes you have no idea what a song is about, not really, until it has been recorded, mixed, mastered and the world is about to hear it. ‘Last Call’ is like that, in the sense that I had no idea how a song which started as a silly, small, poppy number about the bartender’s dreaded shout at 1:30 became such a personal song. In much the same vein, I knew the record needed to be titled Retirement Home, but of course without the slightest idea why it needed that name. They both started as a throw-away joke about my age: I’m 46 and rock and roll is a young person’s game. Now? It isn’t a joke. Now the song and the record make perfect sense. I have always been obsessed with mortality. My obsession has softened with age but it still haunts me in almost every quiet moment. I set out to make this record because I felt the need to stave off those compulsive thoughts. So, I set off to write a song that didn’t take itself too seriously as a reminder to not do the same with myself. I think it worked. It’s raucous and joyous. It’s silly and a little sad. For Christ’s sake, it features my singer Aishlin and I, nearly dead and buried, still screaming against the final curtain call and Jerry Harrison flossing his teeth. It’s a good reminder to not take oneself too seriously, to hold the ones you love close and to not go gentle into that good night. Speakers up.

”Last Call” will be ready for addition to your playlists when it releases on May 20th.