Youth In A Roman Field – ‘Get Caught Trying’ (Album Stream)

Youth In A Roman Field

Today is a great day to share the new album from Youth In A Roman Field, called Get Caught Trying. Youth In A Roman Field is led by Claire Wellin, the violinist and vocalist of Brooklyn’s indie rock band, San Fermin. On her latest offering, entitled Get Caught Trying, Wellin channels sweeping instrumentation backed with breathtaking vocals in crowd-pleasing arrangements. Wellin shared:

“I’ve struggled with depression and anger my entire life (grappling with it led to our band name) but it’s been really difficult to identify what anger is mine and what does not belong to me. It became necessary to figure that out over the last six years, and create a path for living with instead of against it. What began as an exercise in self-soothing culminated in my exploring generational patterns and trauma, and the anger that accompanies it, as a thread between myself and the women who came before me. Get Caught Trying is an attempt to make sense of that, while opening up time & space for enjoyment, humor, and healing in the process.”

If you’ve been looking for the next great artist to put on your radar, look no further than Youth In A Roman Field.