Kate Clover – “Love You to Death” and Artist Insight on the Music Video

Kate Clover has released her latest music video for the track “Love You To Death” from her EP called Channel Zero. The record is out everywhere today via SongVest Records, and Clover and her label shared some insight with me on the music video that was shot by director Rebecca Knox (Orange is the New Black).

What do you like about working with Rebecca Knox, and what does she bring to the table on a video like this?
Rebecca and I encourage one another to push our ideas as far as we can. There is no ego when we collaborate. The ideas run the show and we follow one and others inspiration. She brings her sense of storytelling and her acting experience to the table. She really knows how to show actors what translates well onto film, it’s amazing to watch her work in that aspect. I’ve learned a lot watching her direct.

How did you come up with the characters for this video?
The characters reflect the personalities of each friend we cast. I’m glad everyone had a sense of humor, I don’t like to take myself too seriously in music videos and I wanted this to be playful and fun.

Did you develop the host character with Zumi? How did you get her involved, and what inspired her role?
Zumi is a natural performer. She has a show stopping presence and we immediately thought of her once we created the character. “The Mistress”  is very Tarantino-inspired. Worldly, tough and in charge. All characteristics I would use to describe Zumi.

What’s it like seeing the original idea come to life with the finished video?
Thrilling! There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a visual representation of a song you wrote. It feels like a crazy dream come true!