Lady A Are Suing Lady A


The now named Lady A are suing Anita White, the Seattle blues singer who has been using the name for over twenty years.

The Grammy-winning vocal group filed the lawsuit Wednesday in federal court after negotiations with Anita White broke down in recent weeks. According to the lawsuit, the band is seeking a ruling that their use of the trademark “Lady A” does not infringe on White’s alleged trademark rights of the same name. The band is not seeking monetary damages.

Lana Del Rey Announces Spoken-Word Album

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey will release Violent Bent Backwards Over The Grass, a book of poetry and a spoken-word album, on July 28th. Pre-orders are now up.

Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass is also brought to life in an unprecedented spoken word audiobook which features Lana Del Rey reading fourteen select poems from the book accompanied by music from Grammy Award–winning musician Jack Antonoff.

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Back to 2010 (Re-Ranking the Best of Lists)

Back to ...

2010, huh?

Specific year markers, like decade transitions, always seem to get to me. They put in black and white the passage of time in an even block. I both can’t believe and am not shocked that it’s been ten years since 2010. It feels both impossible and obvious at the same time. I browse through AbsolutePunk’s best-of list from the year and see it filled with albums that would define the next decade in music. Records that would be so influential that they would help shape the musical landscape for years to come. And I see albums from bands that were a part of the fabric of AbsolutePunk, like The Graduate and Valencia, that would soon disband and fade into the memory of forum posters alone.

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Review: Grey Daze – Amends

Grey Daze

Prior to the meteoric success of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington was the lead vocalist of a grunge-inspired rock band known as Grey Daze. The band released two albums (Wake Me and …No Sun Today) before Bennington joined Linkin Park, and the songs from those releases have been re-recorded and re-imagined for an album known now as Amends. The band is comprised of longtime members Sean Dowdell (drums, backing vocals), Mace Beyers (bass), as well as Cristin Davis (guitar) who have affectionately raided their vault of unheard vocal takes from Bennington to recreate this record. Although Grey Daze disbanded in 1998, Bennington took to social media in 2017 to announce a reunion of his former band, yet due to his untimely death, he never got a chance to see the final product through. Amends is a proper time capsule of the brilliance of Bennington’s vocal prowess at such a young age, and it’s easy to see the rock influences that he wears proudly on his sleeve on this album.

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