Jimmy Eat World – “My Enemy”

Jimmy Eat World have released their b-side “My Enemy” for the “30 Days, 30 Songs” project.

There are dangerous and very real consequences for using fear of “The Other” to motivate a potential electorate. While that’s nothing new in politics, what is newly alarming in context of the current presidential campaign is how seemingly effective that strategy has been for a certain candidate. That candidate used the low-hanging fruit of fearmongering to gain his initial momentum…and continues to employ variations of it to sustain his place. The only way to steel yourself against that kind of manipulation is to do the real self-work in discovering and letting go of your own fears. While that pursuit is difficult because it means fighting against your own ego, it remains worth the effort – not just for what it can do for us as individuals but even more for what it can do for our collective society. Are you willing to accept that maybe, just possibly what you feel as a threat, isn’t?

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Rolling Stone Found Liable in Suit Arising From Retracted Rape Story

Tyler Kingkade, writing for Buzzfeed:

A jury in federal court ruled Friday that Rolling Stone and one of its reporters defamed a University of Virginia administrator in an article about campus rape.

Nicole Eramo sued Rolling Stone, reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Wenner Media over a November 2014 article about sexual assault at the University of Virginia and statements the reporter made promoting the article. Eramo was a dean in charge of handling sexual assault reports at the university, and argued that she was unfairly cast as the “chief villain” in a story that purported to suggest administrators like her tried to keep rape cases under wraps.