Deadpool 2 is Confirmed

Surprising basically no one after it took in a pile of money, Deadpool 2 has be confirmed.

During a panel at CinemaCon today, 20th Century Fox exec Stacey Snider confirmed that Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller would both be returning for Deadpool’s upcoming sequel. When news of the sequel arrived just after Deadpool was released earlier this year, it already seemed very likely that Reynolds and Miller would come back, but now it’s officially official. Snider also said that in addition to Miller, the entire creative team would be returning.

All dinosaurs feared the T-Rex!

Bands Who Bemoan Their ‘Teenage Girl’ Fans Are Missing the Point of Music

Alexandra Pollard, writing for The Guardian, looks at the myth that a band needs to have male fans to gain credibility in the music scene. I enjoyed the entire piece, but this really stuck out to me:

As a reviews editor, I’ve lost count of the number of times writers have – while bemoaning a gig’s drawbacks – referred derisively to the amount of “teenage girls” in the crowd. It’s as if that phrase itself is a code that needs no further explanation, no elaboration as to why a young woman’s fully paid-up presence at the gig is, unquestionably, a bad thing. It isn’t. Their judgments are just as legitimate, their enthusiasm just as credible, even if their screams are a little louder. And if you think their taste is indiscriminate, you’d be wise to remember that for every One Direction, there’s a thousand other bands who tried and failed to gain even a fraction of their success.

I remember making comments just like that in the past and it was ridiculous and stupid. We talk a little bit more about looking back on our past selves and why we think the term “guilty pleasure” is outdated in this week’s podcast.


Preparing for Record Store Day

This weekend is Record Store Day. A time for vinyl nerds to rejoice in a weekend dedicated to their passion, or wax poetic about how it was so much better before it got so popular. Thomas and I discuss this on the podcast this week, but, in preparation for the big day, I asked our friend William Angelos from Creep Records in Philadelphia to put together a write-up of the releases he’s most looking forward to and what to be on the lookout for as you make your way to your local shop.

No Guilt, Just Pleasure (Encore Episode 120)

Encore 120

This week’s episode of Encore looks at the first week of the website and how things are going so far, then we tackle a bunch of upcoming movies (Star Wars, Fantastic Beasts, Civil War) and give some thoughts on Batman v Superman. This leads to a little talk about comic books. Then we dive into this week’s main topics: Record Store Day, do we believe in “guilty pleasures” for art, our thoughts on buying albums when they’re on sale from a label, and if a bad album from a band can ruin future albums for us. We end by talking about if we’d leave our jobs for “The Ringer” and, of course, talk about Blink-182 finishing their new album.

Albums in Stores – April 15th, 2016

The album release day right before Record Store Day is always a tough one to navigate — looking over the new releases and trying to figure out what you’re going to pick up over the weekend. All of this week’s releases can be found on our release date calendar, or below. I haven’t checked out anything that’s coming out today yet, is there anything I should definitely make sure to add to my list? I know Craig Manning highly recommends that Sturgill Simpson album.

Netflix’s Plan to Conquer the World

Brian Barrett, writing for Wired, with a behind the scenes look at Netflix:

The instant Daredevil premiered, Netflix greeted its users with eight header image variations of Matt Murdock and friends, shown to customers in eight identically sized chunks. Netflix immediately began tracking which top shots inspired the most streaming.

By now, those eight images will have given way to the best-performing two or three. After 35 days, one of those will become the default. The rest will vanish. This happens now for every Netflix original show. It’s survival of the clickest, all around the world.