Interview: The Front Bottoms

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. While there, I got a chance to catch The Front Bottoms on Friday afternoon. Their set was one of the best I saw all weekend, and after, we got a chance to sit down and chat with them about a variety of topics (including a possible The Front Bottoms craft beer).

House of Heroes’ Album Gets Sent Out Early

While House of Heroes’ new album, Colors, doesn’t come out until July 1st, it looks like Amazon messed up and sent out some copies early. Due to this error the band will be sending out digital copies to backers on Monday.

July 1 is the official release date for COLORS. There was a glitch with the release date at Amazon, and 55 CDs got mailed out early unfortunately. This is incredibly disappointing, and we are very sorry to you faithful IndieGogo supporters that this has happened. We will be sending your digital copy of the record on Monday, and we really hope you enjoy it!

Thank You to Riot Fest

My thanks to Riot Fest for sponsoring Chorus this week. I’m pretty blown away by how many great bands are on the bill this year, this has to be one of the few festivals I’d have a hard time seeing every band I wanted to. Tickets are on sale now for both Denver and Chicago and if you use these respective links the festival will know you came from here which helps us out a little. You’ll find more about the lineup that’s been released so far below, and there are more announcements coming in the near future.

The Ultimate Bayside Setlist

For this week’s playlist I’m honored to be continuing the recent trend of “Ultimate Setlists” with one of my favorite bands: Bayside. Last year Bayside celebrated their 15th anniversary and this year they’re bringing us a brand new album titled Vacancy — due out August 19th. To commemorate the release the band is heading out with The Menzingers and Sorority Noise on what promises to be one of the best tours of the summer. So what better time to really dive into Bayside’s expansive catalog?

I Too Am A Nightmare (Encore Episode 125)

The obvious topic this week is a look at Brand New’s new single “I Am a Nightmare.” Do we like it? Where does it fit in the band’s discography? Has Thomas finally come around on Daisy? It’s Brand New, so of course we’re talking about it for a while. We also spend some time talking about the new Chorus logo, the (great) Riot Fest lineup, and how Bandcamp has figured out a sustainable business model. We end by talking a little about what defunct pop-punk band we think we’d most like to come back for the summer. As always, thank you for listening!

Review: The Hotelier – Goodness

Three months ago, Christian Holden, vocalist/bassist of The Hotelier, posted on the band’s Tumblr a very personal essay reflecting on how their last album, Home, Like NoPlace Is There, affected the band’s lives and how they were going to proceed in the future. The essay also featured Holden coming to terms with being a public figure and exploring trust, art, and “realness.” Somewhere in the middle of the post Holden writes, “And I think this is what bums me out about the wishy-washiness of rock music and performance. Realness is a treasure in life. I don’t want to see uncritical postured realness. I want transparency.” And, well, you can use that declaration as the thesis statement for The Hotelier’s stunning new album, Goodness.