Banned in the USA

Rob Harvilla, writing for The Ringer, with a retrospective look at bunch of the songs and artists that were “banned” after the events of September 11th, 2001:

But 15 years later, it’s the songs the radio wouldn’t play that tell you the most.

In the week after the attacks, Clear Channel Communications, the Texas-based radio empire then controlling nearly 1,200 radio stations reaching 110 million listeners nationwide, drew up an informal blacklist of sorts — more than 150 songs its DJs should avoid, so as not to upset or offend anyone. As a Snopes investigation subsequently revealed, adherence was voluntary, and many stations ignored it; at the time, sheepish anonymous employees described it to The New York Times as a corporate memo gone wrong, snowballing thanks to an “overzealous regional executive” who kept adding more songs and soliciting more input. A wayward reply-all email debacle made sentient.

My Thanks to This Wild Life and Epitaph Records

I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to This Wild Life and Epitaph Records for sponsoring Chorus this week. The band just released their new album, Low Tides, and I spent most of yesterday listening to it. I like it. I was a big fan of what they did on Clouded and I’m impressed with where they’re taking their sound. It’s definitely worth giving a look if you want something new to listen to as we start our inevitable march into fall.

On September 14th in Los Angeles, This Wild Life begin their 25-city headlining “Low Tides Tour” with supporting acts Have Mercy and Movements. A full list of those tour dates can be found below.

America’s Shadow Workforce Rises Up Against Prison Labor

Carimah Townes, writing for Think Progress, on prison labor in America:

People behind bars are forced to do grueling, back-breaking, and dangerous work for nickles and dimes, while corporations rack up billions of dollars in profit off the cheap labor. They are put to work under the guise of rehabilitation, but the reality is that few people leave prison with the skills, knowledge, or resources to succeed professionally. They are an enticing alternative for large companies that don’t want to pay minimum wage to workers on the outside. And they have had enough.

On Friday, prisoners all over the country launched a national labor strike that’s been months in the making. Their demand is difficult but simple: ending prison slavery for good.