Jack From All Time Low Working on Music With Tyler Posey

Teen Wolf actor Tyler Posey spoke with Billboard about working with Jack from All Time Low on some new music together:

It’s so early in the works, but Jack from All Time Low, he and I have become really good friends over the past year, and just recently we talked about producing something with each other and writing music with each other. So we’re about to do something really big and, hopefully, do a collab with a bunch of other punk guys. It’s all punk. My whole life is punk. That’s all I want to do is be performing punk onstage, so it’s going to happen. Within the next year, I guarantee you.

Interview: Aparna Nancherla (Video)

Aparna Nancherla thinks depression is funny, or at least her goal is to make listeners laugh when she talks about the topic. The DC native has received the attention of Conan O’Brien, Amy Schumer, Wyatt Cenac, Adam Devine, and many other prestigious comedians. Nancherla fit right in on the comedy stage at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and you can find a video of our talk about her new album below.

Taking Back Sunday to Release ‘Tidal Wave’

Taking Back Sunday have announced, via Entertainment Weekly, that they will release Tidal Wave on September 16th.

When asked if he would classify Tidal Wave as part of the emo genre associated with their past albums, Lazzara explains, “Look, in my mind every album anyone’s ever written is an emo album because there’s a lot of emotion that goes into all of that. You can’t listen to ‘Hey Jude’ and tell me that’s not an emo song. I don’t like being pigeonholed because I think there’s more to it than that. I think this record highlights that very well, so no I wouldn’t consider it an emo record in the traditional sense of the word.”

So … The Beatles: greatest emo band of all time?

Drake Once Again Tops Billboard Charts

Drake is once again at the top of the Billboard charts. This is the eighth week I’ve typed some variation of that while doing this post. Red Hot Chili Peppers come in at number two.

Back on the new Billboard 200 chart, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ The Getaway arrives at No. 2 with 118,000 equivalent album units (108,000 in traditional album sales). It’s the seventh top 10 album for the rock band, and third to hit the No. 2 slot (following their last studio album, 2011’s I’m With You, and 2002’s By the Way; the Chili Peppers have notched one No. 1 album: Stadium Arcadium, in 2006).