Warner Music’s Deal for BMG’s Catalog Sets Up Showdown With RED

Ed Christman, writing for Billboard, looks at how Blink-182’s new label, BMG, and their distribution deal with the Alternative Distribution Alliance will be challenging RED as the largest indie distributor in the U.S.:

According to sources, BMG’s record label operations is already generating about $100 million globally, and about one-third of that is in the U.S. While BMG began its revival in 2008 by first pursuing music publishing opportunities, after it completed the sale of its music assets to Sony Corp., it actually held back about 200 album master recordings from the Sony deal. But it wasn’t until 2013 when it acquired Sanctuary and Mute as part of the divestiture’s the Universal Music Group made in order to keep the EU Commission’s regulatory agency happy about its EMI Recorded Music acquisition, that it began aggressively pursuing a recorded music strategy too. Since then, it has also acquired Union Square, Infectious, S-Curve, Vagrant, and Rise.

All these labels and deals and acronyms sure gets messy fast.

Spotify Acquires CrowdAlbum

Glenn Peoples, writing for TechCrunch, on Spotify’s aquistion of CrowdAlbum:

Spotify announced Wednesday it has acquired CrowdAlbum, a service that creates albums of events based on the location and time of photos and videos people share on social media sites. It can index content for any kind of event — sports, Earth Day festivals, political rallies — but mostly aggregates photos from music concerts and festivals.

Blink-182 on KROQ — All the Updates

Blink 182 - Full Car

It’s exciting to be posting about Blink-182 again. It’s even more fun when the music coming out is undeniably catchy and there seems to be this buzz hovering around the band again in a way I haven’t felt in years. Hell, I even had to give myself a Blink-182 avatar in the forums. So, today the band will be visiting KROQ once again to announce some news and probably talk a little more about their upcoming album, California.

We’re expecting pre-order information and probably the announcement of their massive tour as well. I’ll be listening live and then updating this post with news as it comes in, that way there will be one central location for everything you need to know about what happened today. If you’d like to join in on the conversation you can click the little quote bubble on this post to jump to the comments section or, as always, join our large official thread in the forums.

Underoath Live in Philadelphia, PA


I have become jaded by the sheer amount of reunion tours we have seen in the punk, emo, and hardcore communities over the past few years. When I see a new reunion tour announced, I pretty much instantly assume the band is doing it as a cash grab, or as a nostalgia-driven ego stroke, or more often than not: a combination of both. With the exception of At The Drive In, who openly declared that their recent reunion was about the money, my cynicism refuses to let me believe that there is anything more at play in these tours.

That is, I felt that way, until I saw Underoath on their Rebirth tour.

Blink-182 to Release ‘California’ on July 1st

Blink-182 - California

It’s real, it’s happening: Blink-182 will be releasing California on July 1st — pre-orders will be up on their website tomorrow. The new single “Bored to Death” is back up for stream. Go hit play and then come join us in the official thread to talk about it. More news, maybe some tour dates?, will be coming tomorrow according to the official YouTube description.

Update: At one point the album was going to be called No Future, but it was changed to not be so negative. Also Mark tossed the name OBGYN Kenobi around as a possibility, because of course. The album is out July 1st, which is the 182nd day of the year.

Update #2: The tour dates have shown up online and can be found below. A Day to Remember, All Time Low, and The All-American Rejects are opening select dates.

Update #3: The track listing for the album (holy yes: 16 songs!) has been added below and pre-orders are showing up on different services.