Definitely Maybe
“Are We Having Fun Yet?”

The latest single from Chicago pop-punk band, Definitely Maybe, called “Are We Having Fun Yet?” embraces the chaos of chasing your dreams head on. The band found moderate success with their last single, “One More Night,” and Definitely Maybe continue the momentum gained on this electric track. Singer/lyricist Courtney Clinkert remains as captivating as she’s ever been on this single that sounds reminiscent of the sound that Charlotte Sands and Yours Truly have gone for recently, with equally pleasing results here. The band shared, “’Are We Having Fun Yet?’ is a relentless exploration of the toll ambition takes on the soul. Delving into the highs and lows of chasing dreams, it offers an unfiltered look at the exhaustion and self-discovery that comes with the journey.

The song starts off with a pulsating bassline as Clinkert wails above the instruments in the mix to ensure that the band’s best foot is put forward. Definitely Maybe understands how to write a powerful hook, and that’s evident in the song structure and the flow from verse to chorus. The band has released one EP thus far, called Better Off Undone, and if the new material found here is any indication of the sound they’re going for, 2024 will be an ultra-important year for Definitely Maybe.