Review: Off Road Minivan – Swan Dive

Off Road Minivan - Swan Dive

Let me introduce you to Tooth & Nail Records’ latest great find in Red Hook, New York’s own Off Road Minivan. This five-piece band is led by charismatic bassist/vocalist Ryan Tuck O’Leary and features a triple-guitar attack of Melvin Brinson, Dave Trimboli, and Miles Sweeny. Rounding out the band is an underrated drummer in Evan Garcia Renart. On their debut full-length album, Swan Dive, Off Road Minivan described this record as a love letter of sorts to the bands that influenced their sound. “For us, this album touches on the sounds that made us want to play in the first place – an alternative rock landscape from early 00’s emo to grunge influence,” the band shares. “We aren’t here to teach any defining life lesson, just trying to sing about the ones we’ve experienced.” Their debut features flashes of greatness and is reminiscent of bands such as Anberlin, Hawthorne Heights, and Young Guns.

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Canvas Prints Make Good Wall Decorations

Hayley Williams

Over the weekend, I shared a photo of one of the walls in our home on Instagram. The photo is of the large wall in our living room area adorned with three large canvas prints of some of my favorite musicians. I first did this when I moved downtown in August of 2012, and I shared some of the photos and process back on and my old Tumblr (remember Tumblr?). After all of the questions and comments on the social media posts, I realized I didn’t have a good article to link people to that answered the basics any longer. Plus, phone cameras have come a long way since 2012.

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Carly Rae Jepsen Made a Quarantine Album

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen casually confirmed in the Switched On Pop podcast that she’s made a quarantine album:

It is very different, it’s kind of fun! We had to do it around Zoom or things like that so it’s been like a challenge but a really fun one! You kind of write differently that way. You have more time to have space inbetween the decisions you’re making and more time to kind of be away from the song for a minute, so I find it to be a whole new style of going at it, and I like it.

(H/T Stereogum)

Jason Tate’s Top Albums of 2015

The Best of 2015

2015 will go down as a memorable one for me. The music we got this year was fantastic and the memories it soundtracked will stay with me for a lifetime. As we move into the new year I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy year. I think what’s in front of us is always more exciting, and far scarier, than what’s in our past. I think the future’s bright. I think it’s exciting. Let’s not let it scare us.

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Jason Tate’s Top Albums of 2014

The Best of 2014

2014 ended up being one of my favorite years for music in a long while. It just seemed like every few weeks there was a new album to dive into and experience. There were times where it felt overwhelming, as if there was so much to listen to I felt ashamed I couldn’t give each album the time it deserved. But, here we are at the end of the year, and here we are tasked with trying to put numbers to the madness. I’ve done my best to put my favorite albums of the year in some kind of order … I hope you find as much to enjoy here as I have.

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