Andrew Pitrone – “Locket” (Song Premiere)

Andrew Pitrone

Today I’m thrilled to share the latest single from the talented singer-songwriter Andrew Pitrone for his new song called “Locket.” The single is the second single to be released from his upcoming EP, Aurora Montage, out later this year on Lolipop Records. Pitrone had this to say about his new song:

”Locket” is a song about the Idea of committing to someone. In a sense when someone puts a photo in a locket it signifies their commitment to that person, that person in the photographs being extra special to them, in their heart, or close to their heart. If you were going to cut someone into the size of a little locket and shove them into the shape, even in the most loving gentle way, it might sound something like the feeling of the song ‘Locket.’ Suggesting that someone put you in their locket is like suggesting that they should feel free to have that attachment.

With heartfelt vibes and sweeping instrumentation found on this great-sounding single, it’s no wonder why so much buzz surrounds this artist. Pitrone has also shared the music video for this track, and it can be found here.