Ashlynn Malia – “Comfortable – Voice Memo” (Song Premiere)

Today is a great day to share the new single and lyric video from Ashlynn Malia called “Comfortable – Voice Memo.” The song comes from her recently announced EP Navigating Galaxies, out everywhere music is sold on March 21st. Malia shared this about the new track, “It’s never fun to feel like your pain is the new normal in a relationship, and no matter how many times you hope it will change, or you ASK for it to change, the other person doesn’t seem to have a problem coasting over your very valid feelings. It’s like you’ve expressed yourself so many times that it no longer has an impact. That’s where this song is coming from.” If you’re ready to fall in love with a great new artist, Ashlynn Malia is here for you. I was also able to catch up with Ashlynn for a brief interview below.

What was the original thinking behind creating a stripped-down and raw set of tracks for this upcoming EP?

I remember first having this idea when I was solo traveling last year. I’d go on long walks by myself and would listen to songs I had written, but I’m not much of a producer myself, and everything I was listening to I’d recorded on voice memos, just me and one instrument. I remember thinking there was something really intimate about that. I put that idea in my back pocket for a few months and then when I broke my foot in December, figured now was a great time to make it happen; stuck in my room, no elaborate recording setup, just me and the voice memos app against the world, haha.

Tell us about the process of writing “Comfortable” How do you hope it will reach your listeners?

I wrote “Comfortable” in my bedroom on my guitar. I was thinking about a past relationship where I always had my feelings hurt. I just remember suffering a lot because of another person, and it always bothered me how unphased they were by my pain. If you claim to care about someone, wouldn’t you not want to make them feel that way?

What’s coming next for you and your music and what do you hope will come in the future?

I’m really excited to drop this EP and give my listeners some new music this month. I hope they see their own stories in the lyrics I write, and I hope I’ll be able to talk to them about it and listen back. I’ve set an intention with myself this year to use music to connect with others as genuinely and deeply as I can. And I’m not gonna spoil much yet, but there’s another project coming later this year, after this EP…and it’s a COMPLETE 180, haha