Full Bush – “Wild Heart” (Song Premiere)

Full Bush

Today I’m excited to share the latest single, called “Wild Heart” from Philly’s Riot Grrl band, Full Bush. In this blazing single, the band is able to grasp the spirit of early Riot Grrl bands and put their unique stamp on it for today’s audiences. Kate shared this about “Wild Heart:”

Learning to embrace what sets you apart and how you can embody those parts of yourself that perhaps you were told weren’t socially acceptable for one reason or another is what ‘Wild Heart’ is all about.  I wrote it at a time when I was struggling to find answers to why I was stuck repeating habits that weren’t serving me, and beginning to do inner child and shadow work helped make sense of the cognitive dissonance I’d been experiencing. The culmination of the song’s message is to stop fighting the lies you tell yourself and instead listen to and feed the pieces of yourself that are screaming to break free and embrace the wildness of who you are without fear.

If you’re still rocking out to this song, their new EP is out on December 3rd, and pre-orders are available here.