Hallie Spoor – “Heart Like Thunder” (Album Stream)

Hallie Spoor

Today is a great day to get reacquainted with modern folk artist, Hallie Spoor. Her new EP, Heart Like Thunder, has now been released, and her sound channels 70’s music stalwarts like Joni Mitchell, but with the modern pop sheen of Sheryl Crow. When speaking on the direction of her new EP, Spoor shared:

Heart Like Thundertells the painful truth that when things get difficult, sometimes it’s easier to slip away than try. Yet, ironically, writing and recording Heart Like Thunder allowed me to do just the opposite: to live authentically, to rewrite my stories in their purest, truest versions. When I look at this record as a whole, I realize that I’m much more honest — and far wiser — in songs about my life than I am in my real life. Writing these songs gave me the chance to re-frame experiences in a way that healed me. In place of villains and martyrs, now I could see the characters as both flawed and beautiful.

Hallie Spoor is delivering the goods in more ways than one.