Hurt Season – “Afraid To Love” (Video Premiere)

Today is a great day to share the latest single and music video from Hurt Season called “Afraid To Love.” For those unfamiliar with the artist, Hurt Season finds their inspiration from artists like Pierce the Veil and Santana, while adding some layers of complexity to his music to make it his own. Speaking on the latest single, he shared, “‘Afraid To Love’ is a deep, meaningful song about a break up. Written from the perspective of someone who is tired of being strung along by finicky emotions and commitment issues, it’s a beautiful goodbye.” I was also able to catch up with the artist for a brief interview below.

When writing on emotionally heavy concepts, like you do on your new single “Afraid To Love,” how do you go about being vulnerable in that way, and how would you describe the process of taking those emotions and putting them to paper?

I’m being way more literal in my songs than you’d think, i just hang on one piece of a story (ie. relationship issues) and tell it from my point of view. It happens naturally when it happens.

How did you conceptualize translating this song visually? Can you describe the general story in relation to the track?

The idea for “afraid to love” can mean different things. The song deals with the thought of being afraid to commit to the relationship while thinking about the thought of love. Visually we went with a slightly different vibe – nostalgic relationship turned distant. Watching what used to be & the feelings that were once there, have now slowly drifted away. 

Do you have any other plans for 2023? What can you tell us now?

Dropping an album 100% in 2023. And will be taking life less seriously.