Iguana Death Cult – “Pushermen” (Video Premiere)

Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone the new single and music video from rock band, Iguana Death Cult, called “Pushermen.” With a sound that strays somewhere between the indie rock of The Strokes and the craftsmanship of pub rock bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen, this band checks all the right boxes. On their video, the band shared, “‘Pushermen.’ It kind of sounds like an action movie doesn’t it? Sadly we came a couple of million short, so Hache came with the idea to do a casting video for a fictional film called: ‘Pushermen.’ The scenes we did were loosely based on the movie ‘Superfly.’ If you know, you know.” The track comes from their new LP, Echo Palace, out everywhere music is sold on May 12th, and I was also able to catch up with Iguana Death Cult for a brief interview below.

What inspired this new track, and why did you choose it as a single off the record?

This song just kinda formed in front of our eyes while we were messing around at my kitchen table. It was after curfew during the lockdown and we were locked inside my home, jamming and having discussions on the growing polarization we saw not only in the media, but also in our own environment. We were playing different melodies that clicked all of a sudden. Since there wasn’t really a perspective on the future for us as musicians, someone joked we’d be better off working in big pharma, so we had our chorus. A chorus that ends on the more serious note that we don’t want to become victims of these times. 

Can you describe the writing and recording process?

We never write in the same way. Most often, someone comes up with an idea for a song and then we work it out all together. In this way every band member adds a bit of flavor to the song.  Our recording process is pretty standard. Most songs are 95 percent done when we enter the studio and we always have some room to experiment with some song parts and other instruments.

How did the video come to be, and can you provide some behind the scenes details?

Since the name of the song could be a title for a dodgy over the top action movie, we had the idea to do a casting video. We recorded it at ‘Theater Walhalla’ which is a classic location in Rotterdam. It used to be a club in the old harbor district where my grandparents used to go dancing so that made it extra cool.