Jose Lobo – “Nuevos días (versión alternativa)” (Song Premiere)

Today is a great day to share the latest single and lyric video from Jose Lobo called “Nuevos días (versión alternativa).” On this great-sounding new track, Lobo channels his love for sweeping instrumentation and big hooks. Lobo shared:

’Nuevos días’ is a song written right before the year ended back in 2020 to 2021. It is a song that predicts the year will come silent and asks to know already what lies ahead, impatiently and at the same time it questions the notion of planning the year ahead because in my mind no matter how hard I tried to plan everything what brought me the most joy tended to always be a surprise. This new version comes with voice recordings that are extremely personal and further set the song in a time period of my life. With electric guitars and a bigger production, the song hopes to emulate the turmoil my mind and that of many others can sometimes enter during the winter season.

I was also able to catch up with this talented artist for a brief interview below.

What was the inspiration behind the new version “Nuevos días (versión alternativa)”, how did it change from the original?

The new version was inspired by the live version I play with my friend and collaborator Victor Zhang. He normally plays an electric guitar and I really loved the way that new guitar tone created new colors in the song and how the live version would build up. In this way the new version sort of looks for this peak, this type of release in a more palpable way than the original version.

How do you hope listeners will connect with the new song, considering its relevance to your personal experiences and in the broader context as we are emerging from the winter months into spring?

The new version shows a different approach to songs than the one I think was prevalent on the album. There are new instruments involved and a build up that allows for a whirlwind of emotions to exist, I think the album really tries to emphasize the hope that can be found in little things. This song is more saying it’s okay if things are a mess, new days come with change. This was also definitely affected by recording and producing it during the winter. I remember listening in Mathieu’s (Tout Feu) room when he was mixing the song and outside his window a blizzard was taking place, and that blizzard definitely made its way into the song.

With the Digital Deluxe release of In All Good Hope, could you share some about the new tracks you’ve prepared? How do these additions complement the existing songs?

These new songs come as additions that make the album much more set in the present. The way these songs are produced I think showcases much more what I’m exploring right now! Also these are songs I play at shows and one in particular was a song that I had not written/recorded at the time the album was being made but for me always felt like it had be part of the album (and now it is), haha.