Katrina Ford – “Peace Out” (Video Premiere)

Today is the perfect day to share the latest music video from Katrina Ford, a performance video of her single “Peace Out.” In this latest song, Ford shared, “This was the first time we played these songs in person to anyone. It has a prominently featured foot bass cam. The studio mid-pandemic was set up in this luscious blue opal room. These are the songs as we played them to some beats and triggers. This is OUR future present now.” If you’ve been looking for that next artist that checks all of those boxes, look no further than the dynamic Katrina Ford. I also had a chance to catch up with the artist for a brief interview.

What made you choose these two tracks to translate into live performance videos?

It was purely experimental. During the pandemic our friends at Wrightway Studios asked us to come in and try their new live performance camera set up. We weren’t sure how we were gonna pull it off. Sean has his multi instrument workstation, “Opus one,” he designed it so he could play midi instruments along with beats and samples. So we just had fun with the space and in finding our way to a new live expression.

And how did it feel performing alongside Sean? 

Awesome. He’s my rock. Musically holding everything down so I can explore. We’ve been doing this so long, this is just another chapter in our musical adventures.

Can you describe the process behind taking your recorded works and bringing them into a live atmosphere? 

Our Songs are quite dense with many layers. We break it down to the fundamental elements and right now playing these as a two piece as we did, is all determined by what Sean can and cannot physically play with all four limbs. We may decide to bring in a real drummer and a guitarist in the future for live shows.

Is any element of that process challenging?

For me it’s challenging to be vulnerable and put myself out there. Sharing is scary sometimes. It’s challenging for Sean to take these baroque lush layers and engineer a way to perform them live with the bass played on foot pedals, then triggering samples and beats all while playing synth lines. He’s completely Unidextrous!

With regard to bringing this new EP to the stage, are there any tracks, including “I’m Found” and “Peace Out,” that you’re most excited to experience in a live setting?

I’m excited to be experimenting with layering vocal loops so that the backing vocals can be played live too. Our song “Go Deep” has a chewy, breathy call I’d like to recreate live.